SquirrelMail (LAN)

    SquirrelMail (LAN/WAN)

MS-Exchange 2010



Single Help Line for Email: mailhelp@iitk.ac.in
(All mail related issues except MS-Exchange Mail Server) : Mr. Soumitri Mishra, soumitri@iitk.ac.in, 6050
(Mail restore from backup and quota) : Mr. Ashish Verma, vashish@iitk.ac.in, 7446
(MS-Exchange Mail Server) : Mr. Gopesh Tiwari, gopesh@iitk.ac.in, 7603, 8352


"Mozilla Thunderbird" , "Outlook" etc. are superior mail client options.CC may help you to setup on your desktop.
webmail client is a substitute for those who don't have LAPTOP/DESKTOP at office/home or are out of campus.